Safety Policy

At NTE Scaffolding it is our policy to provide a safe and healthy working environment for all of our employees, to regularly review our procedures and practices which could affect the health, safety and welfare of all.

To make any improvements as and when they arise; we consider the health, safety and welfare of all our employees, visitors, clients and members of the public to be of paramount importance to us in our daily workings. Our management take into consideration all health, safety and environmental legislation when setting out our health and safety policy objectives.

As a company we pay particular attention to the protection of those not employed by ourselves and ensure, to the best of our ability, that they are not exposed to risks arising from our work practices. We aim and encourage co-operation between employees and management to ensure continuous improvements in our health, safety and environmental performance.

Under our Safety Policy we aim to:

  • Consult with employees on all health, safety, environmental and welfare issues
  • Train all employees in work procedures and ensure they are aware of their health and safety responsibilities and duties
  • Review and audit our policy on a regular basis
  • Identify and eliminate/minimise risks to health and safety
  • Comply with current and future relevant legislation pertaining to our working practices and procedures
  • Seek external health and safety advice from our health and safety consultants and act upon their recommendations and guidance.